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Xtgem is a visual
mobile site building tool
XtGem is one of the well known and reputed wap building sites worldwide. Is a free wap creator anyone can create his own within a few mouse clicks.

To start with yours first choose your desired
username and register an account. The username
which you choose will be your site name. You are
also allowed to choose a number of free
subdomain like username.xtgem.com,
username.wap.sh, username.yn.lt, username.mobie.in etc. After register you can start
making your wapsite using the Creator tool which gives you all the basic html codes like link, text,
pictures and so on. In order to upload files and
pictures you can use the file manger and upload your files. XtGem provides you unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Apart from the usual html codes it also provides
some special options called XT functions. The XT Ads functions allows you to put up ads from AdNetworks like Admob, Inmobi, Mojiva, Buzzcity
etc. in your site and earn money from it. If you
already know xhtml, then you can also edit your
site from an Text editor in XtGem.

There is a mobile version of XtGem (m.xtgem.com)
which can be used to create sites from your mobile
itself. After the release of XtGem V2 a few more
changes and features where added. Now XtGem
supports PHP support for premium users and also
features like XT Blogs allows creating a mobile blog easily using XtGem.

XtGem main features are the following listed:

* Unlimited Bandwidth

* Unlimited Space

* Easy to use Creator tools

* No programming knowledge required

* Its FREE to use

* XtGem Mobile & Touch versions

* Over 14 subdomains to choose

* Text Editor

* Special Xtfunctions

* Inbuilt templates

* XT Blog feature

* Earnings using the Xtgem Ads

* Earn Money Advertising (Admob, Inmobi etc)

* PHP Support for premium users at cheap rates

Created by: ISHAQ™
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