MY WOMAN MY EVERYTHING ***EPISODE 3*** Adobea went home after she met his absence. Indeed the night was long, she stood up all night remembering her encounter with Fii. She didn’t even know his name. She kept on remembering the whole scenario to the extent that she forgot to call the Lecturer Mr. Edwards. She tossed and turn around on her bed as the face of Fii kept appearing in her mind. “Am i in love?” She asked herself. “No, this can’t be me, i don’t love like that. Probably am just crushing on him. Yeah thats the word -Crush, am crushing on him, lets see what tomorrow has in stoke” She asked herself. It wasn’t different from Fii, He was also at home thinking of these mystery girl she met in class but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Apparently, it was his ex girlfriend Nana Ama. Fii had been trying to get back to her for the past 6 months. Nana Ama was the busy type and amateur actress. She was always on the move with Celebrities and other top movie directors in the country. She hardly had time for Fii and their relationship, and that caused the break up. Fii was surprise to see her at his door step. “Wow what brings you here? Lets get in” Fii requested. “Sorry i can’t am with someone, he is waiting for me across the street. I just came here for one thing” Said Nana Ama “Hmm, what is it” Fii asked. She opened her purse and took out a ring. It was a promise ring that Fii gave her a year ago when they were dating. “Take it back Fii, and stop calling me, am now engage and will be getting married soon, i don’t need any set backs.” Nana Ama said this and gave Fii the ring. You can imagine the look on Fii’s face. He was just hurt at this moment that he couldn’t utter a word. Nana Ama having given him the ring went away that instant. Even though he was hurt, he had a reason to be happy. The thought of Adobea was still running through his mind. He decided to go to campus early the next morning with the hope that he get to interact more with Adobea before the class begins. The night passed by and Fii was already on the move early that morning. Lectures was at 9:30 am, yet by 7:15 he was just 5 minutes away from the school. He got to campus and head straight to the lecturer hall. To his amazement Adobea was already in class waiting for him. Their eyes met, and for awhile they kept staring at each other. Adobea stood up and went towards him. She then stood right infront of him, looked straight into his eyes and asked “What’s your name” “Fii” He answered “Adobea” she continued without waiting for him to even asked. They stood there still staring at each other. The words were few. Their eyes did all the talking and before you knew it, they were kissing. The kiss was so real that they felt each other’s breath while kissing, their was wrestling against each other. Before the kiss got intense they were interrupted. “What do you think you are doing” The quickly stopped to see who it was. It was Mr. Edwards the lecturer. >Created at 2016-12-12