How to Be a Good Girlfriend
in Middle School
Relationships in this stage of life are less serious. Don't worry if you don't go out with anyone, or if you do go out with someone, and break up a week later. It really is a "game", but if you find that you like someone enough to try to take this step, and you go out, you have to do your part to be a good girlfriend.
Don't bully your boyfriend. As you might know, girlfriends can be sensitive, but boyfriends are also, so don't be mean to him. If you find your relationship is mostly the two of you being mean to each other, then you might want to think about if your relationship is working out or not.
Make him feel good about himself. Give small compliments, and show a little bit of jealousy, anything that will make him feel good. Let him win a game you always win at, etc. Each boyfriend is unique, so you have to think of what would make him happy. >Created at 2016-09-17